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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Which images does Lookr save?
The only images we save are publicly available on our website as timelapse slideshows. You can choose the timelapse period nearby each webcam.

What if I need additional images?

Please visit the official website mentioned nearby the according Lookout for possible additional information.
What is Lookr all about?
Lookr gives you the chance to visit thousands of places all over the world from everywhere at any time.

On Lookr, you can:

  • See how it looks right now
  • See how it looked in the past
  • Look at your hometown whereever you are
  • Go sightseeing from your couch
  • Explore new exciting travel destinations
  • See how it looks like where your friends are

For webcam owners

How can I activate a Lookout?

An inactive webcam gets automatically activated by our system as soon as the webcam produces new images.

However, in case the webcam image URL changed, you first need to update the webcam image URL. You can do so by navigating to the corresponding webcam and then choose Edit.

What is a webcam view?
A webcam view defines what is visible on the webcam picture.
  • Each webcam can have several views.
  • The webcam view is used for creating the webcam title and determing the webcam categories.
  • The views will automatically be translated in every available language by us.
What happens after I submitted a Lookout?
This is what happens after submitting a Lookout (webcam):
  1. The submitted Lookout will be checked by our staff for several criteria.
    The most important criteria is that the Lookout is of touristic interest.
  2. Our system will test the webcam server if a download on a regular basis is possible.
    Sometimes, IP addresses from outside the webcam server are blocked by default. In this case, our IP address must be put on the white list for outside access.
  3. Our staff will give the final approval.
    If everything seems to be OK, our staff will approve the submitted webcam. From now on, the webcam will be instantly available on and

    Please note that it may take some additional time for your webcam to show up on our partner apps & websites.

Depending on the current load of submissions, this process can take several days. The users will be grateful for your patience, since we can provide a very high quality standard going through this process.