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Raison de la suppression

Annuler la publication de vos webcams

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By removing your webcam, you will automatically:
  • Lose the benefit of increasing the audience of your webcam within our distribution network
  • Lose the benefit of additional user traffic from our website to your website
  • Lose the benefit of free timelapse slideshows for your webcam, showing the last 24 hours, 30 days, 24 months and lifetime

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We need to be sure, that you are the legal owner of this webcam in order to prevent an unintended removal from our directory by a non-eligible person.

That is why we need you to download, unzip and complete this form (it contains editable fields):

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Sign this document with a valid digital signature; or print it out and sign it manually.
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Send an email with the following contents:

Thank you.

Please give us a few days to process your request manually. We will get back to you.