Рекламная политика

Как мы управляем рекламой на Lookr

Advertisement, particularly on websites, is a very sensitive issue. This is why we think it is necessary to address this matter with this page.

Why ads?

Showing ads is currently the best way to make this website work. It's that simple. We make this website possible through advertising. We generate earnings when people click on ads shown on our website. However, if new revenue oportunities should establish, we will sure be interested. On the other hand, you can ask yourself: «Would I be willing to rather pay money for visiting Lookr

Ad selection

We see it as our obligation to carefully integrate ads in a way that is not disturbing. Also they should be relevant to our content or at least to your personal interests. In the best case, the ad content enriches the page.

However, we do not live in a perfect world. Should you see an inappropriate ad, please do tell us.

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Thank you for helping Lookr to be a more enjoyable experience!